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NOHMI Kiyoko

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Books etc
No.Title URL, Autour Type, Publisher, Publication date, Range, ISBN 
Nursing and management -Focusing on hospital management , Joint Work, MEDIKA publication, 2016, ,  


Published Papers
No.Title URL, Journal, Vol( Number), From Page- To Page, Publication date, DOI 
Identification of future research issues in order to promote the development of nurses' self-directed learning:A literature review of domestic research on the concepts on nurses' self-directed learning and related factors. , Journal of chiba academy of nursing science, 19( 2), 65-72- , Jan. 2014,  
Examination of scales for assessing the affective organizational commitment of Japanese nurses who work at urban acute-care hospitals , The Journal of nursing studies, National College of Nursing, Japan, 10( 1), 11- 20, 2011,  
How factors relating to affective commitment to organization vary depending on the years of nursing experience , Journal of Japan Academy of Nursing Science, 30( 3), 51- 60, Sep. 2010, 


Research Grants & Projects
No.Offer organization, System name, Title, Fund classification, Date 
Soka University, , Development of a role behavioral index of ward nurse managers to support proficient nurses self-directed learning., competitive_research_funding,  2014 - 2014 


No.Title, Type, Publication date, Venue 
Development of the educational skill of the ward nursing administrator in nursing management science research field, ,  2014 - 2015,